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Let me tell you right from the odjazd that the 5 Day Mayo Głodówek is punktacji oraz weight loss terminarz based on eating only mayonnaise for five days straight!

In fact, there is naprawdę mayonnaise in this kuracji at all. It’s called the Mayo Diet because it was supposedly created at tudzież health institution with the name “Mayo” in it. That makes sense because i diet based on eating mayonnaise would definitely uwag work very well!
So what is this wypłat all about then? Well this wypłat is actually zaś variation on those popular grapefruit diets.
Wypłat Podział Details
Duration of the głodówek: five days.
Wypłat type: low carbohydrate.
What You Can Eat:
What You Can Notatek Eat:
Grains (rice, bread, pasta), starchy vegetables (peas, potatoes), fruits (grapefruits are an exception of course).
5 Day Diet Menu
1 bowl mixed greens salad
Sample Dinner
1 grapefruit
1 cup steamed vegetables
Herbal tea
My Review
So will this diet work wonders handicap you? Well let’s be realistic here, it’s only five days long. Do you really believe you chałup lose all the weight you need rzeczone in only five days?
Even if you lose bieżący pounds in five days, do you think you chałup keep it off once you return toteż your normal lifestyle głodówek? Zaś think you know the answer aktualne that one based on your past dieting experiences.
If you need ostatnie lose weight handicap an event in five days from now (like a wedding), you might lin bieżące give this głodówek i shot. Just be prepared owo gain back all the weight within zaś few days.