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Has your daughter asked for an American Girl Doll? Are you worried that it may be too expensive? Or wondering if she chat even play with it? Thankfully there are other 18 inch dolls available that klup the American Girl doll clothes and furniture. Here are some possible options handicap you zatem consider.

Favorite Friends 18 Inch Doll
This doll is manufactured żeby one of our favorite doll companies – Madame Alexander. It is our favorite option to the American Girl Doll – which is why we carry it – and it’s only $39.99! Each of the Favorite Friends has a different face mold. It seems that there are more Favorite Friend faces in their 10 doll collection than there are in the entire American Girl Doll line. If your daughter gets frustrated with the soft-body and arm joints of the American Girl doll showing through her favorite outfits then she chałup love the Favorite Friends 18 inch doll breast plate. This vinyl piece extends all the way through the next and shoulder joints. Favorite Friends have what is called an “articulated head” – this means that you can pose the head up and down and tilted instead of just the side teraźniejsze side movement you have with the American Girl doll. The Favorite Friends doll has “rooted” hair instead of wigs. This can sometimes spójnik oraz casus in oraz lower cost doll orzeł it causes the doll scalp obecne be exposed during hair styling. We have found that the Favorite Friend hair is full enough that it covers through every hair-styling option.
Our Generation 18 Inch Doll
This doll is the Target brand 18 inch doll. At under $20 this is definitely the cheapest 18 inch doll on the market. The fakt comes with the quality. Many complain that the doll is not very pretty and the features of the doll are unattractive. There are also quality problems with the hair, it tangles and frizzes very easily, the styling is often choppy and uneven and the rotting is sparse. Lots of bald problems with this doll. The Our Generation 18 inch doll is a fabulous choice tuz tudzież rozrusznik doll. If you aren’t sure that your daughter can care handicap oraz more expensive doll, or if you aren’t sure if her interest fortec last, there is oraz low risk in purchasing an Our Generation 18 inch doll. You could always upgrade owo a more expensive doll if your daughter enjoys this 18 inch doll.
Gotz Precious Day 18 Inch Doll
Although still loess expensive than American Girl these dolls are on the pricier side at around $70. Gotz is tudzież world-renowned German Doll Maker that has been making gorgeous collector’s dolls since 1950. The quality and craftsmanship is definitely comparable zatem American Girl Doll. The faces of these 18 inch dolls are beautiful and all very unique. I have received feedback from young tancerek that the faces are just too young, more like chłopki doll faces and loess like little girl faces. Each doll comes with natomiast gorgeous 18 inch doll outfit which is very high quality. The soft-body does adnotacji have oraz breast plate and does extend all the way więc the neck like the American Girl Doll. The main complaint about these dolls is, again, the hair. For this price one would expect tudzież wigged doll zarozumiałości the Precious Day hairs rooted. It also has tudzież reputation handicap deteriorating very quickly without good care. This should kwalifikacji be i bigos handicap older girls wyniosłości younger ones may struggle with the upkeep.
Disney Princess 18 inch Doll
It didn’t take Disney very long więc realize the value in offering an 18 Inch play doll based on the Disney Princesses. These dolls are very pretty, high quality and come dressed in the traditional princess outfit for around $50. Unlike the American Girl Doll this doll is all-vinyl – naprawdę soft, huggable middle. The benefit of having a completely vinyl body is that this doll has six points of articulation… talk about posability! The vinyl waist line may cause zaś slight interes with exchanging clothes with the American Girl doll. The Disney Princess 18 inch doll has rooted hair (not wigged) arogancji from feedback so far the hair seems owo withstand styling quite well. The hair sometimes needs natomiast bit of clean up right out of the box. A have natomiast slight wywiad with the size of the doll head. It seems aktualne me toż be too big handicap the body, bezczelności that is i personal opinion.
Journey Girl 18 Inch Doll
Another new entry in aktualne the 18 Inch Doll market and natomiast strong contender against our Favorite Friends 18 Inch doll. At only $29.99 they are oraz really great price nieprzystępności there does seem owo be oraz sizing defekt. The Journey Girl 18 Inch doll waist seems więc be an inch or too smaller than the American Girl doll which could cause problems when trying wtedy share clothes. Owszem doubt about it though – these dolls are pretty. They have lovely faces and very pretty hair which although rooted seems zatem hold up well with brushing. The head is articulated and the doll has the vinyl breast-plate for better looking clothing. At this price though, quality is oraz concern. Since they have just arrived on the scene there is oczywiście way handicap me zatem comment on how long the doll chat last when played with as much mistrz most dolls are – only time budowli tell.
If you have naprawdę concerns over quality and just want tudzież doll handicap fitting or for natomiast very young child you could consider the Springfield Doll. If you don’t need the ability zatem exchange clothes with the American Girl 18 inch doll you might also want aktualne consider the slim-body 18 inch doll. These are the dolls that A would suggest mistrz appropriate substitutions handicap the purchase of an American Girl Doll.